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Event Info

Cytus CHAOS Lab - Connecting......

Event date: 2020/07/10 (Friday) - 2020/08/30 (Sunday)
Event time: Every day from 11:00 - 19:00 (You can purchase the ticket on the spot until 17:00)
Event location: Rayark Concept (1F., No.45, Dongxing Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan)

Early Bird tickets available from: 2020/06/01 (Monday) 12:00 to 06/14 (Sunday) 23:59
All tickets available on: 2020/06/15 (Monday) 12:00
You can purchase tickets at: Accupass
Contact us:service@rayark.com

Ticket Info

Ticket Price

Standard 500 NTD
Early Bird 400 NTD

Ticket Description

Those who purchased this ticket can enter the exhibition on the selected date. When entering the exhibition, you'll receive a limited souvenir (1 Expo Art Puzzle-Solving Bookmark Set).


This ticket allows one person to enter the exhibition and includes a limited souvenir (1 Expo Art Puzzle-Solving Bookmark Set).
※ When entering the exhibition you will obtain one random commemoration card.

※ The early bird discount is available from 06/01 (Monday) 12:00 until 06/14(Sunday) 23:59.

Cytus CHAOS Lab General Admission

Ticket Price

NTD 200

Ticket Description

Those who purchased this ticket can enter the exhibition on the selected date.


This ticket allows one person to enter the exhibition
※ When entering the exhibition you will obtain one random commemoration card.

Purchasing tickets on-site

You can purchase general admission tickets for the Cytus CHAOS Lab - Connecting..... on-site. Only cash will be accepted. After purchasing the ticket you can enter the exhibition with the admittance stamp.
※ You can purchase tickets on-ste starting from 11:00 to 17:00. After 17:00, you won't be able to purchase tickets on-site.

Disabled tickets

Disabled tickets are half of the general admission price. Cytus CHAOS Lab - Connecting..... disabled tickets are limited to general admission (disabled) tickets purchased by phone. There are a limited amount of disabled tickets. Call the following number to inquire about disabled tickets: 02-8768-2589 #803 Ms. Chen
※ A disabled person plus an accompanying person can only purchase 2 tickets in total.
※ When entering the exhibition, please carry valid credentials with you. Those who don't have the valid credentials or do not meet the requirements must make up the difference to enter the exhibition. The disabled person and the accompanying person need to enter the exhibition with the same disability identification.

Free entrance

Those who are under 110 cm can enter the exhibition without purchasing a ticket. However, a person that's above 110 cm needs to accompany the person above to enter the exhibition with the ticket.


--- Ticket Purchase Notice ---

Types of ticket and their time of sale:
- Early Bird tickets available from 06/01 (Monday) 12:00 ~ 06/14 (Sunday) 23:59
- All other tickets available from 06/15 (Monday) 12:00 ~ 08/30 (Sunday) 16:59
※ The number of ticket for this event is limited for each day. Please go to Accupass and select the date you want to visit then purchase the ticket.
※ In order to maintain the quality of each visitor's viewing experience, we will only allow 30 people to be in the exhibition at a time. If there are too many people on site, please wait in the queue area outside. Our staff members will guide you into the exhibition.

1. The event ticket can only be used one time by a single person. You can enter the exhibition with the E-voucher, and the E-voucher can not be used more than 1 time.
2. Every event ticket has a selected date for entering the exhibition. You're not allowed to change the selected date if your ticket expires.
3. The E-voucher can only be used once. If we discover that the ticket has been used, please purchase the ticket again.
4. If you have a ticket for a specific date, when you enter the exhibition, our staff member will stamp the admittance stamp on your hand. You can re-enter the exhibition on that day. However, if there are too many people waiting to enter the exhibition, we will let those who haven't entered the exhibition have the chance to enter the exhibition first.
5. You are not allowed to sell or scalp tickets on-site.
6. Please do not purchase the ticket from any platforms that aren't authorized by the organizer, or your rights may be violated. If you can't enter the exhibition or are involved in other trading disputes, the organizer and the ticket booking platfrom will not take any responsibility.
7. Those who are qualified to enter the exhibition with the disabled ticket, please show your disability identification to our staff member for our verification before entering the exhibition. If you aren't qualified to enter the exhibition with the disabled ticket, please purchase the ticket again based on your identity. After entering the exhibition with the disabled ticket, you cannot ask for any refunds or the difference of the general admission.
8. In order to make it easier for our staff member to verify your identity, the accompanying person that comes to the exhibition with the disabled person must stay closely with the disabled person when entering the exhibition.
9. After exchanging the commemoration ticket for the limited souvenir, please keep the limited souvenir with you. If you lose your limited souvenir after leaving the exhibition, we will not give you another.
10. If you want to return your ticket please check out the description on Accupass' website: http://support.accupass.com/knowledgebase/articles/152170
11. If there is anything that isn't written clearly above, the organizer reserves the right to explain all issues concerning the event.

Intro to the Lab
Lab Content
Clothing and Props

Some clothes and props can be used to take photos on-site.

Co-Branding Products
耳機-EN 拷貝.jpg
Joez Café
Game Intro
Cytus II

Inheriting the straight forward controls from its predecessor Cytus, while adding more gameplay elements. The characters feature a unique artistic look, displaying a plethora of content. Players are encouraged to play different songs to unlock stories for the game, giving players an everlasting take on the world of Cytus II.

---------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------------

Rayark’s first rhythm game. Featuring a straight forward gameplay, players must follow the rhythm and tap the notes as they come in contact with the Active Scan Line. The visuals feature a hand-drawn style, with many Japanese artists producing music for the game. The enriching presentation in both sound and looks made Cytus the proud embodiment of the then burgeoning Rayark.

---------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------------

-------------------- FAQ --------------------

1. Please follow the staff members' guidance in the exhibition; If there are too many people on-site, please line up and wait patiently. If you'd like to re-enter the exhibition, you can get an admittance stamp that allows you to re-enter at the exit of the exhibition

2. Please follow the instructions and demonstrations when using the facilities. Those who don't follow the rules of the facilitiy will be responsible for the cost of the facility if the facility is damaged.

3. Photo shooting and filming are allowed in this exhibition. Please respect the exhibition's intellectual property rights and the copyright of works. Furthermore, to maintain other people's right to view the exhibition, flashlights, camera tripods, selfie sticks, and camera stabilizers can not be used when taking photos.

4. Except for the shopping and dining zones, you can not eat or drink in other areas; It's prohibited to smoke, chew gums or betel nut in the entire exhibition area.

5. In order to keep the traffic flow smooth, please place your baby stroller, pet wagon, and large bags outside the exhibition; Please take care of your personal belongings. The exhibition will not provide any storage space to keep personal belongings and Rayark will not be held responsibility for participants' personal belongings.

6. Long umbrellas, drinks, foods, dangerous items and contraband aren't allowed in the exhibition. If a violation occurs after being warned, the violator should leave the premises immediately without any objection.

7. Staff members will maintain order in the exhibition. If you don't feel comfortable, discover any suspicious activity, unknown or lost items, please inform the nearest staff member immediately. They will provide you with assistance.

8. If there is anything that isn't written clearly above, the organizer reserves the right to stop, alter, and explain all issues concerning the event.