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3D Adventure Puzzle-Solving Game for PlayStation®4 New DEEMO -Reborn-to be Launched on November 21st

DEEMO-Reborn- officially for sale on 11/21 in Japan

DEEMO -Reborn-》 2019 PV

3D Visuals Bring this Modern Fairytale to Life

   DEEMO -Reborn- is an extension of Rayark’s DEEMO that takes the hand-drawn style of the original and gives it new life in 3D form, as well as integrating adventure, puzzle-solving elements to the storyline. The lively and lifelike visuals give players added fun and

amusement to the music rhythm gameplay.

▲ Exquisite 3D visuals display the game’s amazing content

Background Story: From the sky falls a little girl with a forgotten past, The lonely Deemo, who sits in a treehouse world playing piano, Only by chance did they happen upon one another,

The sound of fingers tapping on piano keys opens the prelude to this fairytale journey...

"Never leave without saying good-bye”

▲ Using exquisite visuals and exploratory elements allows players to go on adventures solving puzzles

"The answer to all the riddles, shall be Reborn through the sound of the piano."

Gameplay is formed by the two components of adventure puzzle-solving and music rhythm. Players will control the “Little Girl” voiced by famous voice actor Taketatsu Ayana to explore the ancient castle and play songs through from the viewpoint of the black creature “Deemo”.

▲The game’s characters, from left to right, are The Little Girl, The Masked Girl, and Deemo.

  By exploring the various switches and mechanisms in the old castle, you’ll discover new sheet music to play. By uncovering more riddles and songs, players can unlock more game content, and more settings to explore.

Includes New Songs with a Total of Over 60 Songs

  With piano music as the main music type and inheriting the falling-note gameplay style of the original, players must operate handles to mimic a piano performance, striking notes on the beat to earn points.

  The game contains over 60 songs, including over 10 brand-new songs. Composers include the band “Earthbound Papas”, led by Uematsu Nobuo, the metal group “地獄カルテット” with guitarist Kobayashi Shinichi, as well as “Mili”, the musical creative group well-known to players of Deemo. Rayark has stated that new songs will be added in the future in the form of DLC.

▲ Experience the classic songs of Deemo a new in console form

Besides TV-Style Gameplay, Immerse Yourself in the Experience with VR

  Besides the standard TV-styled gameplay, DEEMO -Reborn- will have a Virtual Reality (VR) mode for a fully immersive experience. Besides experiencing the storyline on a deeper level, players will feel like they are really performing while playing the piano.

  Based on the officially stated launch time, prices, pre-orders and other special information concerning the physical version and downloadable version for other regions in Asia will be gradually released.

《DEEMO -Reborn-》 Promotional Webpage: https://unties.com/files/37/deemoreborn_trcn/index.html



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